Walthamstow Hall School – Sevenoaks

Walthamstow Hall comprises a single storey sports hall (4 badminton courts) and a three storey extension including changing rooms, fitness studio, dance studio and classroom/meeting rooms.  The extension was designed to adjoin an existing swimming pool facility.

Walthamstow Ball Hall was partially built on the site of an existing hard court play area, the design & construction process was made more complicated by steep varying ground levels.  In order to resolve this issue the building was partially positioned below finished ground level and built with a waterproofed retaining wall.

Ball Hall was very pleased to deliver this exciting project successfully on time and on budget, maximising the Client’s investment and providing a first class sports venue for the school.

Cost £1.9m – excluding VAT
Opened September 2015
Location Walthamstow, Sevenoaks
Project Single storey sports hall with three storey ancillary areas
Client Walthamstow Hall School
Project Manager Ball Hall Project Management Ltd
Employer’s Agent Daniel Connal Partnership LLP, Colchester
Architect Clague Architects, Canterbury
Main Contractor Chris Brown Builders
Operator Walthamstow Hall School
Sports Floor Dynamik Helsinki 15 floor system with Oak finish
Grant Aid None