Ball Hall Team

Working under the BALL HALL banner is a team of experts whose combined skills make Ball Hall  a one-stop shop for any school, borough council, sports club or community group that aspires to having its own sports facilities.

Every process – planning, obtaining local approvals, design, construction, flooring, equipment, landscaping and final fit out is covered by specialists.

Clients are kept in the loop at every stage. The quest to cut costs without cutting corners never stops, and the chemistry that binds the Ball Hall Team together grows stronger with each successive project.

Alastair Clark – Managing Director (Project Management Ltd.)

  • Chartered Quantity Surveyor
  • Risk Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Principal Designer
  • Acts as Project Manager and Employer’s Agent

John Lloyd

Co-Founder of Ball Hall Ltd, John is a Chartered Civil Engineer and a Life Vice President of England Basketball having served for over 20 years on the Governing Body of Basketball.

John’s many years experience in local government, including 9 years as Borough Engineer of Colchester and 22 years operating a private, family leisure complex, have proved to be an invaluable resource on Ball Hall projects, all of which he personally initiates and oversees.

  • Chartered Civil Engineer
  • Founder of Ball Hall – 1992
  • Colchester Borough Engineer 1974 – 1983P
  • Private Leisure Centre Management (1983 – 2004)
  • Life Vice President England Basketball & 20 years on EB Board 1980 – 1994
  • England Basketball Manager & International Director
  • Initiates the original design of all Ball Halls

Alan Hodgkinson – Marketing Consultant

As Managing Director of the Sports Facilities Group, Alan is responsible for the day to day promotion and marketing of Ball Hall. He also liaises with the Governing Bodies of Netball, Badminton and Basketball ensuring that their endorsement of Ball Halls is maintained.

Alan also has a long record of sporting interest and served on the Governing Body of Basketball for over 30 years as the National Championships Director.

Alan is normally the first point of contact for many prospective Ball Hall clients

  • Ball Hall Marketing Consultant
  • Served on the England Basketball Board for over 30 years
  • Co-ordinates SFG Specialist Advisers
  • Launched the National League in 1973 chairing it until 2000
  • Liaison with England Basketball, England Netball and Badminton England
  • Usually first point of contact for Ball Hall Projects